I'm a rose gold fan and when I saw these beauties on Cluse website I had to have them. The La Roche Petite watch - my favorite - features a genuine white marble dial, produced from a raw stone. Every piece of marble has a natural and different pattern, which makes each watch unique. Your La Roche Petite is gonna be special and different from all others. Besides that, this watch has a 33mm stainless steel case with a matte rose gold (I LOVE) finish and a grey genuine leather strap. Amazing, right? I like to use my La Roche Petite when I want a stylish and cool look. The Minuit Rose Gold is much more elegant, delicate and minimalist (what I absolutely love). This watch has a 33mm case and you can easily change the leather by yourself. This is so perfect because, with one watch, you can have another hundred possibilities of colors and styles. I hope my watch collection grows soon because I was taking a look on Cluse website and OMG, they have so many amazing options. I'm in love, really! Wich one of my rose gold watches are your favorite? Let me know! XOXO